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Terms and Conditions for Receipt of eStatements

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. (Caliber) agrees to make your monthly periodic statements available at in lieu of sending monthly paper or hard copy statements. After you establish your online account with Caliber and register for eStatements, Caliber will no longer send you a paper statement every month. You will receive a notification e-mail each month when your statement is ready to view online at

This service is provided in strict accordance with the following Terms and Conditions. By clicking "I agree" below you are electronically signing and agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions for the receipt of Electronic Statements ("eStatements"):

  • You agree that for all purposes the eStatements will be treated as the paper statements that are currently delivered to you via the United States Postal Service. Except as may be provided below, no hard copy or paper statements will be sent after you establish your online account and agree to accept eStatements in lieu of monthly hard copy or paper statements.
  • You agree that your consent to these Terms and Conditions are binding on any person named in your account to the extent allowable by law.
  • You have the right to have your monthly statements provided in a non-electronic format. You may revoke your consent to eStatements at any time and begin receiving paper statements again. To terminate eStatement delivery, log in to your Caliber account and select “Manage Statement Delivery Preferences” from the Profile menu option. Select the “unsubscribe” checkbox next to the email address where you no longer want to receive electronic statements. Then select “Save Preferences”. The Statement Delivery Preference will change from ‘Online Only” to “By Mail”. To obtain a paper copy of any statement, you may print the eStatement from the website, or you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-6587.
  • eStatements are deemed to be sent by Caliber and received by you on the day you receive your e-mail notification from Caliber that your eStatement is available for review.
  • You are solely responsible for providing current contact information, including your e-mail address, regarding your account. Unless this information is updated by you, you will be presumed to have received notice that your eStatement is available. You may update your e-mail address and other contact information by logging into your Caliber account and selecting the "My Profile" tab, in the drop down select "Change E-mail Preferences", input your new e-mail and click Submit. This consent applies to eStatements only. Certain state and federal laws may require that Caliber provide you with certain information in a hard copy or paper writing. You will receive such correspondence regarding your account via the United States Postal Service.
  • Caliber may terminate the eStatement service or any other online service at any time for any reason, with notice to you directed to the e-mail address shown on your account page.
  • Caliber is not responsible for third party failures, system interruptions, acts of God, or other matters not directly caused by or attributable to Caliber or Caliber’s data processing system, which prevent you from either receiving the e-mail message notifying you of the statement, or which prevent you from viewing or printing your statement.
  • The minimum system requirements for receipt of the eStatements are described below:
  • Minimum requirements:

    1. Internet Explorer 8+
    2. Firefox 3+
    3. Chrome 2+
    4. Safari 4+
    5. with JavaScript enabled and compatible PDF viewing software installed

    Recommended requirements:

    1. Internet Explorer 10+
    2. Firefox 27+
    3. Chrome 33+
    4. Safari 4+
    5. with JavaScript enabled and compatible PDF viewing software installed
  • To ensure accessibility of eStatements you should maintain the above minimum system requirements. Caliber is not responsible and you agree to hold Caliber harmless from liability arising from service interruptions, loss of connectivity or failure to meet system requirements arising from any failure of computer equipment or other electronic device that you use in connection with either receiving eStatement notifications or in viewing eStatements. You are responsible for maintaining the minimum system requirements on such devices and equipment. Caliber from time to time may change the minimum system requirements and will notify you via e-mail of any changes.
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