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May 2019 Add Life to Your Home this Spring

We’re all busier than ever these days. Bringing a colorful succulent plant into your home can spruce it up without costing you much time. Succulents can thrive in most climates, from cool to humid, and in medium or high light conditions.

Looking for a good spot indoors?

These plants are small and versatile, so you can place them anywhere; next to the front door to vibrantly greet guests, on the kitchen windowsill to welcome in the light, or on the dining room table to enhance the aesthetic of your meal.

Not sure what kind of plant to choose? Here are a few options!
• Echeveria – native to Mexico and Central America. They vary in style, shape, and color.
• Jade Plant – From South Africa, this one can grow 18-30 inches tall.
• String of Pearls – One of the most unique succulent plants, its beads resemble a beaded necklace of all green pearl-like foliage.

Ok. You’ve picked a plant. Now what?

Whether planting indoors or out, it is best to use a shallow, unglazed clay container to make growing succulents easier. In general, purple, red, and orange-leafed varieties grow best and most colorfully in full sun.

For more on choosing and caring for a succulent, check out this article, from the MiracleGro website.
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