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January 2018 Organization Tips for a New Year & New You

Start the new year off with a clean slate by trying out one or all of the following organization tips. Even if you spend as little as 10 minutes a day, you’ll see results quickly with one of these strategies.

  1. Discard small amounts every day. Many who start out with this method are amazed at how much they end up throwing away. This can be a single item every day, or a single bag of items.
  2. Choose a particular item to clear out. Spend a few minutes hunting for books and magazines that are ready for the recycling bin, or to return to the bookshelf.
  3. Make your own dresser dividers. Instead of investing in plastic dividers for lingerie and sock drawers, cut up one or more shoe boxes to fit. You’ll be able to create custom storage space for socks, undergarments and similar items.
  4. Clear paper clutter with the One Touch Rule. Gather up everything from mail to magazines into one pile and sort with a purpose – as you review each one, make a decision to file, shred, recycle or pass it on to the next reader.
  5. Pretend visitors are on their way. How does your living or dining room look to others? If you’re tempted to remove 20 magazines, dog toys or DVDs, consider reducing their numbers.
  6. Don’t fold t-shirts – roll them. When t-shirts are stacked vertically in a dresser drawer, you’ll find yourself digging for the one you want. Rolling and storing them horizontally displays them all at one time and helps keeps dressers tidy.

This article originally appeared in Caliber Living, Summer 2015. Want more tips like this one? Ask your loan consultant about subscribing.

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