Dan Crittenden

As your local Caliber Home Loans representative, I'm dedicated to providing superior service and personal expert guidance throughout the home financing process.

Dan Crittenden

Loan Consultant
NMLS#: 120068
11255 Kirkland Way, Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 98033

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I have worked with Dan Crittenden for over 10 years and found him to be the most thorough lender I have worked with. He is on top of the loan process from the beginning to the end and is always an on time closer if not early.
–Doug J., May 2019
The agent was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The website portal made it very easy and secure to upload necessary sensitive information. Confidentiality is very important in this business and I'm glad Caliber takes that seriously. I would recommend this company without reservation.
–Barbara V., May 2019
Hey Dan I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Throughout this process You have been nothing short of amazing! I am very thankful after this process that we decided to use you! Having been in the Marines and using USAA for my insurance and Bank of America for my banking. I obviously reached out to them first to see about getting my home loan with them. I clearly see I made the best choice possible by choosing you! If I would have used them i know this would have been a lot longer of a process and a lot more frustrating on me. With knowing I wouldn't be able to get in touch with them right away like I was able to with you. I know you made yourself fully available in the evenings and weekends which was amazing for me! Being able to either call you or email you. It was funny I would send you an email and I would always get a reply so fast! Which was not expected, as it definitely does not work that way when I have to get in contact with USAA or Bank of America for any reason lol. Or being able to talk to you at like 9 PM about a question I had. Also the way you were able to break down the things I didn't understand about the home buying process (which you know is a lot haha). I felt like I was talking to a friend and had a friend helping me through the entire process which was true a blessing! So from me and my family thank you so much Dan! I will definitely be referring you to any person who ever asks who did you use when you bought your home.
–Joe, Bre, and Daylyn , December 2018
Dan was absolutely amazing throughout the purchase process, he communicated often and efficiently to all parties. There was never a wonder of what was going on, or where are we in this process, EVER! I would highly recommend Dan's lending services! Thank you Dan!
–Century 21 Realtor, November 2018
Dan, it is you who have done the great job!! I want to sincerely thank you for all that you have done to help me acquire my home here in Idaho. You have got to be one of the most patient people I have ever (not) met! Fantastic!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I would be more than happy to recommend you and Caliber Home Loans to everybody I know!! Thank you for everything!!
–Larry H., September 2018
Good morning Dan!  Here's some info that maybe you can utilize. Not sure where you'd post this but you have my permission to share it. Hope they can help you. I've worked with, and referred Dan and Della for over 20 years. They continue to astound me, and my Buyers, with the speed of their service. No surprises, no delays, just straight forward competent excellence. From the online application process, to direct and responsive communication, Dan and Della are a magical team. I find no one with more determination to outperform the market than Dan and Della. Dan's knowledge of the market options, and willingness to help buyers find the right program to benefit them in their purchase, and future financial planning, are second to none. His dedication to his buyers, to close on time, without surprises is amazing. So much of the industry operates in crisis mode, up to the last minute to make things happen. Dan and Della take the time, and make the effort, to make closings a certain, timely and smooth process. I've never had them miss or delay a closing date. They make the effort so you can relax and know they're watching the details, and their communication along the way assures you they are on it. I continue to be amazed by their dedication and determination to their customers. Truly unique in the market.
–Paul I., April 2018
Hi Dan! I wanted to thank you for such a smooth transaction with Anders and Lisa. Everything went perfectly which is not always the case. I know there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Thank you for the consistent updates and keeping us in the loop. You are a great mortgage lender. Great job! Thanks again.
–Steve S., March 2018
My husband and I had been looking to purchase our first home for a while. After a good number of months of being outbid on houses we loved we finally managed to lock one down. After getting into contract and spending weeks preparing all we needed to make the deal final we got some horrible news. The house we thought we were most definitly moving into wasn't going to be ours. The lender we had been working with (not Caliber at this time) came to us and said sorry but it's not going to work, after having already heard many times that everything had already been accepted. So we had to drop this lender and deal with a few days of believing we weren't getting this house at all. The realtor we were working with suggested that we call his friend Dan at Caliber Home Loans. He told us they had worked together many times and he believed Dan could get it done. So we called Dan, presented our information and while it wasn't a simple process Dan ultimately got the job done. I have a job that doesn't pay me in a consistent way so proving my income was the difficult issue. But Dan wasn't going to just settle with well looks like it just won't happen. His team was diligent in finding a way that worked and was willing to put in the work and exercise all options. So now a month and a half after we had thought we would close on this home we are officially moved in. You know the saying, nothing worth having comes easy. That's was this situation stated perfectly. It was easy, as I don't believe buying a house ever is but Caliber made it happen for us and that is what counts. I kept saying I wasn't going to believe it until the keys are in my hands. I have the keys now and we have spent many snowy cozy evenings in our new home. We are so thankful to Dan and his whole team at caliber. They not only got us this house but we also are paying a good rate on our mortgage. The whole process was open and informative and professional. We will be forever grateful.
–Katarina B., December 2017
Caliber agent Dan Crittenden Is the best I have ever used. As long as he is your representative, I will continue to use/recommend your company.
–Chuck S., December 2017
I can't thank you enough for your patience and perseverance to get us through this complicated process. Between the Jumbo conditions and our personal and business finances this had to be a 10+ on the complexity scale, but you and the team made it look easy.
–Darin Y., November 2017
Skilled and on top of the market, readily reachable, friendly, and quick response. All personnel very helpful with all and every question no matter how stupid. Good follow-through with whole transaction. Always available, always gracious. Very knowledgeable. Kept everyone tuned in with facts and details on the loan. Couldn't have been a better or easier loan transaction from start to finish. Five Star Service. Excellent and professional throughout transaction. Could always count on Dan and his associates at Caliber. Knew we were in good hands the whole time.
–Alice F., October 2017
I want to thank Dan Crittenden with Caliber Home Loans for all of his help with securing a loan for our first house. He was incredibly knowledgeable and answered all of our questions quickly and thoroughly. Dan found the perfect program for my wife and I so that we could afford a house in Seattle. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to secure a loan. Thank you Dan for all of your help!
–Steven L., August 2017
Dan is amazing and handles every issue, any concern, and all matters with professionalism, speed; and yes, even humor. He helps demystify the loan process and put people at ease during a stressful time. Thanks Dan!
–David F., July 2017
We were blown away with the level of service that we received from Dan and his team. Dan made the process so easy for us, told us exactly what we needed to do and by when. He was always happy to answer our questions, however simple they might have been. If we were ever struggling with something, Dan would call and talk things over and help make sure that we truly understood the process and gave us confidence in what we were doing. I will definitely be recommending Dan to all of my family and friends.
–Matt T., June 2017
Thanks for everything! This was the smoothest and easiest loan processes I've ever been a part of!
–Zachary M., June 2017
The trio I have worked with for years, is always pre-emptive, as they have the experience to know what may/may not happen with each file. I can depend upon Dan C. and his teammates 110% of the time.
–Barby Avery, June 2017
Dan Crittenden is superb! Have known him for 30+ years through the banking system and the real estate business. Dan is hard-working & honest! He and Della deliver on time and never make promises they can't keep. Have already referred him to another client looking to buy a home.
–Eleanor K., May 2017
Fast, courteous, very friendly, and had answers to all questions very quickly. Dan Crittenden has become a friend that I'd recommend to my closest relative. And for me that is saying a lot.
–Wilbur A., May 2017
If you told me a month ago I'd have a house I would have been very suspicious. Thank you so much for your patience, guidance, and persistence in getting this whole thing done so quickly and efficiently! I will be sure to refer to you whenever I know of anyone who needs your services.
–Logan M., May 2017
Dan and Della's attention to detail and desire to get all issues resolved quickly so closing is on time is amazing and appreciated. Dan and Della delivered another on time, actually early closing with no issues of concern to me or my client.
–Paul I., February 2017
This is my second home through Caliber, both times Dan Crittenden has gone above and beyond to make it as smooth as a transaction as possible. His foresight, and years of experience can't be beat! Both friends I have previously recommended him to were equally as happy. Thank you!
–Scott H., February 2017
Awesome! Thanks so much for making this possible Dan. It's always a pleasure working with you, and your team. Your punctuality, efficient manner, and foresight of issues is always greatly appreciated.
–Scott H., February 2017
Dan was awesome through this entire experience. He was always ready and willing to answer any questions that I had, and always had the answers to such questions. He even went above and beyond, making it so we were able to close 10 days early! Talk about skills and dedication.
–Catherine B., February 2017
A very smooth process! The loan officer was easy to communicate with, answered requests timely, and the updates system on the lending process were great. There was no wondering on where the status of the file was. Thank you!
–Cosmina H., January 2017
The process for my refinance was smoothly accomplished, and the loan officer and his staff were amazing. Easiest loan that I have ever completed.
–Leslie H., December 2016
Dan and your firm have been great to work with...knowing that you are truly working for us. You did not let us do anything stupid out of desperation that would have not been favorable to us. I have used Dan and Caliber now a couple of times and have already referred someone to Dan/Caliber who ultimately used you and who were quite satisfied. While we have had great experiences with Caliber, my family and I believe it is about relationships with people that get things done, and Dan Crittenden was outstanding at handling our financial needs, but also emotional support, which can sometimes be needed when dealing with a loan and your future home (where dreams and new memories will be created). Companies don't do that, please do. Thank you Caliber, but mostly THANK YOU Dan Crittenden!
–Donald C., September 2016
Thank you so much Dan. We are so thankful we had you in our corner. There were times we were ready to throw in the towel, and then you splashed ice water in our face - got us off the ledge and got us back on track. As a result we got our keys last night, and we spent hours in the new house...enjoying it and taking it in. It won't seem real until we are laying our heads down for the night there. AND we will gladly refer you to anyone in need of your services. In Dan we trust! Thanks again. Have a great weekend.
–Don C., September 2016
Dan Crittenden, our mortgage officer, was the perfect choice for our first-time home-owner needs! He was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and walked up through every step of the process flawlessly. We were so intimidated going into the process, but with Dan's help we came out of the process feeling 100% confident and comfortable in this life-changing decision and process. Our home loan closed extremely fast and we were also able to snag incredible rates through Caliber. Without a doubt we would recommend Caliber and Dan to our friends and family!
–Bridget P., August 2016
Dan was very proactive in helping clear a title issue and the loan would not have closed on time if he had not been so innovative in finding a solution and staying on top of it until it was resolved. The title company took a different view point and just wanted to wait until the seller took care of the issue which could have taken an additional 30 day after it was already delayed 30 days.
–Doug J., May 2016
We had a great experience with our mortgage planner Dan Crittenden. He was always very timely and always communicated to us what we needed and what the next step was - this made the process a lot easier. Thank you so much for helping us through this process as first time owners! We have already said great things about you to our friends and family and will definitely keep you in mind for referrals. Thanks again Dan!
–Jessica D., April 2016
Past experience with Dan Crittenden and his team has proven that they can do any type of loan, in almost any timeframe. They communicate with the buyer AND me, as the Realtor, at all points of the purchase. Nothing ever has been missed.
–Barb A., January 2016
Got our digitals keys today and came home to this lovely surprise from the sellers! It’s been a long road, but we had the most hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful agent (Beth Avery – who I highly recommend to all family and friends looking for a house) guide us through the whole process. We also had the best loan officer Dan Crittenden at Caliber, who made the whole lending process easy and smooth. He was always available day or night to answer all our questions and was super responsive. Even with the new govt. guidelines we closed 2 weeks early! Best experience ever!
–Thu & Bryan C., November 2015
My husband and I were really excited to buy our first house, and initially sought a loan through our credit union. Unfortunately, following an initial “pre-approval,” it became painfully obvious that our student loan debt was a far bigger issue than either of us anticipated. We were eventually declined, and left hanging with the very real possibility we would never own a home! Thankfully, our realtor referred us to Dan Crittenden, who immediately assured us that he would do everything in his power to help us purchase a house. Dan was awesome every step of the way in what proved to be a difficult journey. He never let up through all the snags and obstacles we faced with federal loan consolidation, flood insurance, and extended closing dates – just to name a few. At one point, during a particularly rough stretch, he personally spoke with the seller’s agent, assuring them that everything was still moving forward and that our deal was “solid.” We will be forever grateful to Dan for all of his help in the purchase of our first home. Without his knowledge and expertise we would likely be moving into another apartment this month instead of a three bedroom house.
–Jenna & Jim P., November 2015
Dan Crittenden has made the purchase of our first home a great experience. His knowledge and his positive attitude gave us the confidence we needed to embark on what was, at first, a very intimidating process. Through his network, he was able to refer us to some wonderful Realtors to help us find our home. Their combined talent and working relationships, made the whole thing come together. Dan is highly organized, accurate and reliable. He is always available, day or night, to answer the smallest question. A genuine pleasure to work with. Thanks, Dan!
–David & Stacey D., October 2015
Thanks for the message, I just got the confirmation so it looks like it went through without a hitch. Been a busy day but hearing from you this morning was excellent news. Appreciate all your help along the way, it was great working with you as well and I look forward to doing so in the future as well. I love your responsiveness and knowledge on the subject, makes it easy to say we had yet another great experience.
–Corey & Carly B., August 2015
Thanks so much for getting us through the process.  It was relatively pain free and we have you to thank for that.  Hopefully the next one is just as easy :) and soon.   
–Matt M., August 2015
Thanks for all of your hard work on this one!  Hope we are able to work together again soon!
By the way, outside of the fact that the offer was a fantastic one, a significant part of the reason we accepted your client's offer was you.   I doubt you remember, but years (and I do mean years...like 20+) ago I worked for World Savings as a processor and you brokered a number of deals to us.  You were incredibly kind and it left an impression that I've never forgotten.  Fast forward a few years and I was an underwriter at First Horizon...again you were amazingly wonderful.
Karma is one of those things that you don't always get to see in action - but in this case your unwavering kindness, professionalism and all around awesomeness back then made (makes) me want to fight for any offer that you were the lender on.  So, there is at least a little glimmer of your positive karma coming back to you.
-Sarah, June 26, 2015
Wonderful news about passing phase two of inspection and the loan going to docs! I’m not sure we would ever choose to go through this process again (!) so hopefully we love the house! Dan, thank you for sticking it out with us and shepherding us through this labyrinth. I don’t know how you stay sane. We do recognize how fortunate we’ve been to have someone who is willing to stay up until 3 in the morning to ensure that everything is covered. Thank you for going over and above for us. I’m sure you offer equally amazing service to all your clients. Gratefully.
–Carol L., April 22, 2015
I recommend Dan Crittenden for all my clients. He is professional, knowledgeable and is a great part of my real estate team. I trust Dan with my personal transactions and my clients, knowing we will have the smoothest close possible for any transaction.
–Beth A., Realtor, March 9, 2015
I've used Dan and his team for over 20 years, will never deviate from their superb service. Wish I had more buyers, but am aiming to keep my sellers happy, too.
–Barb A., Realtor, March 10, 2015
I would like to express my great satisfaction in the work performed by Dan Crittenden over the past couple of months, managing the application and approval process for our Custom Construction loan. Although custom construction loans are a lot of work, we always felt like Dan made it very clear to us what was needed from us and when, as well as defining the terms of the loan and keeping us updated at all times on the status of the loan review and progress towards closing. I really appreciated Dan's patience and most importantly, his reliability and accessibility. Dan always got back to us quickly wnen we had questions, and he made himself available all the time to help us move through the loan process as quickly as possible. These days, in the world of getting loan approvals for more complicated loans like this, I can't imagine it could have gone any better for us. Dan't experience and great relationships with the other players in the process of getting the loan was very evident and made the process as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact me at 206-335-7583 if you have any additional questions.
–Courtney C., October 2014
Well, I will link in with you and promote you to my links. I am happy to recommend you Dan, you made our home buying experience awesome. I really dreaded buying a house when we first starting talking about it. I had all these ideas about how horrible it was going to be and complicated etc. But, you and your staff made me feel like I was a princess. You broke everything down into manageable steps that made it easy and I even felt like understood what was going on! I cannot imagine that anyone who has ever done business with you would ever want to go anywhere else. If we ever do it again, you will be my first call. 
–Shelia D., October 10, 2014
Financing my home through Dan was such a painless and easy experience, there was no question I was going to use him again to refinance my home 3 years later. Building on another great experience, my only regret is that I no longer live in Washington and continue using his services!
–Ryan E., August 26, 2014
Dan did a great job getting my wife and me financed. The last thing we wanted was to spend several months bird-dogging the market to find a place, finally find one and make an offer, and then have the deal fall through due to funding problems. And our situation was somewhat uncertain, because I had only recently returned to full-time work. Dan was able to anticipate the issues, take the steps needed to address them, and have us sittin' pretty well in advance of our closing date. We appreciate the extra time Dan spent up front to thoroughly vet our application and avoid nasty surprises. Thanks for the smooth transaction, Dan! We'll definitely look you up next time we're in the market.
–Travis H., August 2, 2014
I came to Dan as a very complicated loan given all my forms of self employment and investments. He went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was looked at and nothing was missed. He used his Rolodex to make sure my loan got the best rate possible and was extremely prompt in all communication...weekends and nights included. I would use and recommend Dan to anyone. 
–Greg L., July 21, 2014
Having only been in the USA for 2.5 years after moving from England I had no idea about mortgages or the buying process in America. I was recommend Dan by our realtor and he did not disappoint. Dan was amazing at describing the process, getting us a great rate and a mortgage approved in no time. I have learnt a lot about the process and never had such great service from anyone before. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to buy a house. Again thanks so much for everything you have done to help us out.
–David R., July 11, 2014
Dan and company were very professional. They are excellent communicators and we were always aware of what was going on. It felt reassuring knowing that he had our best interest at heart! We highly recommend Dan Crittenden at Cobalt Mortgage!
–Jason T., July 10, 2014
You've really made this mortgage process fairly stress free! I know a lot of people have told us that the mortgage process is such a stressful time. But thanks to your clear guidance and responsiveness, we've always felt like we were in good hands. Especially for us first-time home buyers with no experience, that was definitely a big comfort.
–Dan B., June 9, 2014
Mr. Gehre, I want you to know what an exceptional mortgage planner you have in Dan Crittenden. He truly is in a class of his own! I have had many experiences over the years with mortgage planners, some good and some not so good. Dan is unique and very special! I had heard about his reputation through a colleague and referred my first time buyers to him. Both the sellers and buyers were looking for a quick closing. From the time we wrote the contract, had acceptance and closed, it was completed in a month with an FHA Loan! Dan has outstanding communication skills, great attention to detail and he cares, my clients felt that. He pulled out the stops to have everything done early, to get them the best financing and to get it recorded early so they could get the keys early in the day. Dan goes above and beyond. We knew when the loan was approved, when the docs were going out, when they were back for review and when they were funded. Dan was so positive and was great at keeping my client's stress free! I will always recommend Dan to family, friends, and my clients. He is a gem and a true advocate to have on my team!
–Bev L., John L. Scott, May 20, 2014
Dan's excellent customer service, timely communication and professionalism. I wish that all customer facing organizations went to the level of service that Dan did. Thank you Cobalt and Dan Crittenden for an awesome experience.
–Les H.
Dan and team were consistently professional, efficient and engaging throughout the purchase process, meeting all deadlines and requirements with rapid communication at all times and in addition were a pleasure to work with.
–Michael C.
Dan's knowledge, attention to detail, and responsiveness throughout the entirety of our home buying experience from the start of our build to our closing seven months later were phenomenal. You couldn't be in better hands for your mortgage needs.
–Corey and Fred T., September 2, 2013
After dealing with Wells Fargo for the past eight years, Dan Crittenden taught me what a loan originator really is - some one who cares and knows the business. Attaway Dan! Thank you.
–Matthew H., September 2, 2013
My husband and I were first-time homebuyers with many hesitations and questions. Dan walked us through the entire process, which was quick and seamless. We always received great service and felt like his top priority.
–Carly B., August 27, 2013
This was a six-month process and throughout the entire experience, the level of service and attention to detail was nothing short of perfect - for that many thanks to Dan and Erica for an exceptional loan process experience.
–Mohamed F., August 30, 2013
My husband and I just purchased our second home with Cobalt Mortgage. I can't say enough how much we appreciate Dan Crittenden. We were lucky enough to use home for both transactions. He truly makes the process as simple as he can. The things I appreciate most about Dan is his excellent customer service, his accessibility and his genuine willingness to answer any questions I had along the way. Buying a home is a big decision and Dan was always there to make me more comfortable with the process.
–Amy M., July 24, 2013
Dan went above and beyond in helping us secure the best possible loan. Guiding us to make smart choices and securing the best possible rate as the % went up later. His overall knowledge and insight was priceless.
–Mark N., July 7, 2013
Thank you very much, Dan. When I’m looking at offers for my sellers and see you’re the loan officer for the buyer, I know I can relax and trust that you will get the sale closed smoothly and on time. It was a pleasure to work with you again.
–Paul I., Windermere
I was referred to Dan by my real estate agent when I bought my condo 10 years ago. Years later, when the rates were dropping, I asked if I should re-finance. Dan reviewed my financial situation and said it wouldn’t be good for me at the time. I was impressed that he would advise me solely based on my best interest, not his bottom line. I just bought my second condo and Dan was the first person I contacted. Dan is thorough, an expert in his field, and lightning fast. Buying a home can be a maddening experience, but working with Dan is a bright spot in the process. I recommend him with with no reservations!
–Teresa G., 2013
In a recent transaction of a shared client, Dan was an absolute Rock Star! From the very beginning, he was a solid team player, had impeccable follow-up, consistent and a trustworthy style of communications. He was sensitive to the highly emotional and stressful situation of the transaction and was able to communicate in an objective manner which allowed all parties to remain flexible and achieve a successful outcome. We now have very happy clients that are loving their new home.
–Debbie W.
Dan, I just want to thank you for your superb excellent customer service you have provided since my client initiated a loan with you. Not only is my client Daniel impressed with your constant communication of the process and quick response to his questions. I too am impressed in the 25 years of doing Real Estate I have not come across this level of professionalism, attention to detail and by far the best communication skills I have seen from a loan officer. You have earned my business and you will be on my list as a preferred lender and partner in my business. Thank you again for your immediate attention to this file and for making my client stress free in the process.
–Brenda C., Prudential Northwest Realty
Good Morning Dan, I just wanted to say thanks again for another great job working with Linda Tran and the Trace condo project! Not only was it a very smooth transaction but you were able to get it closed a week early on a FHA Loan! In talking with Anecia Peterson, the agent for Trace, she said to me yesterday that she was also amazed at what a great job you did. She also said that they have not had a closing on time in the last 45 days and we were not only able to close on time but early! Again, thank you for another great job!
I have done business with Dan for well over ten years – closed 4 personal home loans, 2 refinances, 2 business property loans, sent numerous friends to him, and even closed a deal with my mom through Dan! He has always been professional, thorough, and got the deal done. (I’ve never written that down before …. Wow). Without hesitation, I would recommend Dan to anyone.
–Stuart M., National Technology Officer, Microsoft Corporation
We have been working with Dan Crittenden for over 10 years. In all those real estate transactions, Dan has NEVER lost a loan for our clients. When we refer a buyer to Dan, we can completely rely on his expertise to get the loan completed on or before the scheduled closing date. He is reliable, honest, and professional in all his transactions with us. Just recently, Dan completed a client's loan in 5 days. That helped our clients move into a home and get their children into school on time. We highly recommend Dan at HomeStone Mortgage to our real estate associates and friends.
–Michael and Kristine S., Executive Real Estate, October 23, 2003
I am grateful that I found Dan to be my mortgage broker. I was buying my first house and pretty much clueless about the whole mortgage process. Dan was very good with explaining all the issues involved and the choices I had. He also did specific calculations to help me decide which option was better for me. He made solid recommendations without pushing me too hard in any direction. For the mortgage itself, Dan found a great rate for me to begin with, and improved it even further later on. Dan was responsive and friendly, and put me at ease through the whole process.
–Zheng W.
Dan,Thanks for being such a great mortgage loan officer, and for making the entire project progress without a hitch! My background presented you with some unique challenges, and not once did you make me feel like anything but the most important client on your calendar. I won't work with anyone except Cobalt so long as they have people like you on board, and I will refer Cobalt to only my best friends and acquaintances -- the ones I'm sure will make only the best credit risks, and add to Cobalt's reputation and earnings. I wish you success in all of your future endeavors.
–John O.
Dan,I just paid my first mortgage payment and set it up for direct deposit. I wanted to thank you and your team again for an awesome job in helping me buy my first home! You couldn't have made it easier and I couldn't have been happier. Thanks again.
I just wanted to say thanks for completing the Sammamish transaction in record time. You had a complete application on Wednesday, the appraisal happened on Thursday, a full package went to underwriting on Friday and closing documents were at closing on Tuesday. Whew...
Make sure Della and the whole team knows we all appreciate their focus on this one! Thanks Dan!
–Fred M.
Dan, Before the fiasco of moving begins tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute to email you and express my appreciation for all your help and diligent work over the last couple weeks. This whole process has been less then fun and caused much frustration in my day to day; but with your help, I was able to keep my eyes on the prize and accomplish the goal of purchasing my first home. You were great to work with in every aspect. I never felt talked down to for my lack of knowledge in the business, you were always more than happy to answer any questions I had and in a manner I could comprehend, and your hard work ethics shined through with us being able to reach our closing goal on time! It's very refreshing to have the ability to work with someone like yourself that takes so much pride in what you do and gets even more satisfaction from success. I furthermore look forward to working with you down the road, and can't wait to have the opportunity to recommend your work to a friend or family member. Thanks for everything, Dan!
–Scott H.

Testimonials are individual experiences, reflecting real-life experiences of those who have used our services in some way. However, they are individual responses and results vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our services.

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Private Mortgage Insurance typically costs between 0.5% to 1% of the entire loan amount over 80% LTV on an annual basis.

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