Steady growth in career opportunities plus a wealth of natural wonders makes Idaho a true diamond in the rough. Homeownership in Idaho is one of the nation’s highest, thanks to a housing boom in the early 2000s, low medical and living costs, and tax benefits for several demographics. The economy is robust and the outdoor activities plentiful if you decide to make Idaho your home.

Caliber Home Loans is a private lending company experienced in the uniqueness of Idaho’s home financing opportunities, and we can help find a solution that’s right for you. We are proud to manage the majority of the loans we close on.* This means that we are able to foster the genuine, long-lasting customer relationships that form the foundation of our business. Our clients are our passion and mortgages are all we do, so your goals, dreams, and values really do become ours. Thanks to our growing portfolio of lending options, we are able to offer a customized financing plan that’s tailored to your needs, including:

  • Federally funded loans for rural homeowners
  • VA, FHA & Conventional loans for first-time homebuyers or borrowers with smaller down payments
  • Products specifically for refinancing, renovation, or investment

The American Dream is alive and well in Idaho, and Caliber Home Loans can help you achieve it. Contact one of our local Loan Consultants to find out how we can get you on the path to homeownership.

*Caliber does not retain servicing on all loans originated and may not service loans originated for the entire term of the loan. 

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