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What Is a Homeowners Association?

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are organizations which deal with the upkeep of common areas and establish standards of acceptable behavior for the building or community. For example, HOAs may issue guidelines for lawn and garden upkeep, visitors, and pets.

Most HOAs are run by a board, with members all elected by their fellow property owners. The board may have officers, with the most common roles being secretary, treasurer, president and vice president.

HOA board meetings typically follow formal rules and set agendas. How well the HOA sticks to its rules of how to discuss issues may vary somewhat, depending on the level of involvement from owners in the community, among other factors.

I Received a Homeowners’ Association “HOA” Delinquent Letter. To Whom Do I Send It?

Your HOA payments are not part of your escrow account. If you’re having difficulties making your monthly HOA payments, send the delinquency letter together with an explanation of your financial difficulties to: 

You may also mail these to:

Caliber Home Loans, Inc.
2600 S. Douglas Road, Suite 800
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Attn: Condo/HOA Department

I’m Thinking of Buying a Condominium, but I’m Not Sure How I Feel about HOAs. Can I “opt Out” of Being Involved with the HOA?

Sorry, this isn’t an option. All homeowners must pay HOA dues and follow its guidelines and rules. If you’re considering purchasing a property with an HOA, it’s always a good idea to talk to other property owners if possible, so you’ll know if you’ll be comfortable living with its HOA.

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