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Oct 20, 2021


Because we have been spending more time at home over the past two years, more of us are also focusing on organization. As a result, there has been an uptick of influencers sharing organizational hacks for fridges and pantries. We could all use a little less stress while in the kitchen, so here are a few lessons we’ve gleaned from all the content.

Invest in smart storage solutions

There are thousands of inventive and adjustable storage and organizational tools on the market. You may have grown accustomed to the clutter in your cupboards or a standard way of storing things, but it’s time to give yourself permission to spend a little money on new ways to save you time and stress. A one-time investment on a few organizational storage tools will save you hours of frustration and tons of waste.

Opt for clear containers

Clear containers are everywhere on organizational TikToks – and with good reason. A clear container helps you immediately identify its contents and what you’re running out of – especially in your pantry. No more realizing after you went to the grocery store that you needed more flour or were running low on sugar.

You can also take these tips outside of the kitchen and to your closet, garage, and attic storage. Clear containers take the guesswork out of determining which box has your winter gear and which has your holiday décor.

Label everything

Even with clear containers, there can be times when you don’t know their complete contents. Invest in some reusable labels to make your life easier. It helps to label both the contents and the date of packing or purchase. This is especially true for food storage when the expiration date is tossed out with the box. Also, some items like salt and sugar can look dangerously similar.

Organize by zones

Keep like items with like items and place them near the area where you use them the most. This could mean stacking juice boxes and soda cans on the same fridge shelf. Get out of the rut of storing things where they’ve always been and ask yourself if their location is the most practical. Tradition may not align with ease. It also helps to pair items that are frequently used together, such as keeping your coffee pods near your mugs.