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Apr 16, 2021


With the new year here, it’s time to refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to the pandemic, many of us are now working from home and homeschooling the kids for the foreseeable future and with all the extra time spent inside, livening up living spaces is a must. Give your walls a new life with colors on trend for 2021, or better yet, shake it up with Pantone’s Colors of the Year! Read on to learn more about the biggest interior color trends for the year.

  1. Jewel Tones
    Whether it’s your new home office or your child’s at-home schoolroom, this year is all about bringing color back that excites you. Try the bold and deep jewel tones that show off your personality including sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green. It can help give you inspiration and motivation while working if used in your home office, or provide a refreshed and invigorating feel when used in other areas around the house.
  2. Nature-Inspired Hues
    What better way to change up your space than to take cues from nature? Nature-inspired hues bring the outdoors to your living spaces, and can provide a sense of calm and relaxation or excitement and motivation. It’s time to gravitate back to grounding colors like olive and taupe, burgundy and bronze, and whites and greys. They make great options for your home office, bedroom, and kids rooms. Want to bring even more of nature into your home? Try combining a striking color with a textured wallpaper to give your walls even more life.
  3. Colors of the Year
    Pantone recently announced the color combo that has taken the title of Color of the Year for 2021. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating provide a heavenly contrast of soothing gray tones and uplifting yellow vibes. If you’re looking to spruce up your space with just the right amount of energy, clarity, and hope, this is the perfect trend for you. Whether you pair these colors up or decide to use them separately, the versatility they offer will be great for whatever project you have in mind.