Last year was more than another great year for Caliber Home Loans, Inc. – we all worked together to break more records, introduce new products and increase our purchase business.

Taking the lead was just the beginning

Last year, Caliber produced our highest overall sales volume ever, and reported the largest year-over-year gain among all top-ranked mortgage companies, at 22%.*

We also took the under-utilized adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) product and transformed it into a valuable, versatile option, especially for homeowners who may or may not sell and move in a few years. Our 5-Star ARM, which replaces the annual rate adjustment with a five-year adjustment made this financing option a real problem-solver for more homebuyers.

Another new financial product, the HomeAccess Your Way Equity Line of Credit, rewarded our long-term servicing customers with real-time access to a generous percentage of their home’s equity. The HomeAccess Your Way HELOC offers a generous 10-year draw period followed by a 20-year repayment phase. This enables borrowers to finance several large “buys” – home improvements, school tuition fees, medical bills and others – while knowing that the 20-year repayment phase will enable them to repay their draws while retaining a comfortable monthly cash flow.

Caliber Delivers Technology Resources to Improve Service, Sales and Relationships

Digital technology helps all of us provide today’s home buyers with what they want from a lender: faster loan closings and less paperwork. With these goals in mind, Caliber invested heavily in both new and existing high-tech solutions for our Loan Consultants, borrowers and brokers alike.

Caliber began offering the Ultimate Home Buying Experience, which gets eligible loans to closing in weeks instead of months. We introduced MyPipelineConnect, a web portal for real estate agents and home builders to access the status or their sales to Caliber customers.

We introduced Salesforce for optimum management of our Loan Consultants’ customer relationships and enhanced our loan originations system to streamline Caliber’s mortgage process for a better borrower experience.

* Source: Inside Mortgage Finance.